Monday, 29 October 2012

A Doppelganger!

We had a really interesting enquiry this week when an ex-student contacted us after friends spotted his double in the 1927 Cambourne School of Mines School Photograph. Due to the apparent possibility that his grandfather went to CSM we were charged with finding the identity of the said student and checking various family names against the admission registers to see if it was indeed his Grandfather. Despite our best efforts, none of the family surnames corresponded with the registers which left us with the difficult task of finding out who the mystery student in the photograph could be.
(c) CSM
He was a happy looking chap, having obviously had a fit of the giggles midway through the very serious business of the school photograph. Unfortunately, none of the school photos included any names which makes identifying specific students particularly difficult, however, we had a lucky break. Lewis & Hathoway eat your heart out!

In one of the sports team pictures was a young man with a hairline very reminiscent of the laughing student, although this young gent was sporting a moustache. The name given was Beattie and when we checked in the admission register we were surprised to find that there was actually two Beattie boys in the school, possibly brothers who attended CSM at exactly the same time.

So, although it seemed unlikely that the Grandfather attended CSM, we did solve the mystery of the Laughing Student!

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